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What did Virginia Tech Learn about Digital Versus Print Publications?

Facing budgetary pressures, many organizations are considering changing their print magazines to online publications. A recent Virginia Tech study1, however, indicates that this might not be wise.

Subscribers to Virginia Tech's alumni publication were sent either a print version of the magazine or an email invitation linking to the online version of the magazine, and then contacted by telephone and asked a series of questions about the publication. The results showed that:

All in all, the print publication appeared to be more effective than the online publication. As the author surmises, "ceasing a print publication in favor of an online-only publication might hurt the effectiveness of an organization's marketing communication, and managers should not make the decision based on cost alone."


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1Magee, Robert G., "Can a print publication be equally effective online? Testing the effect of medium type on marketing communications," Virginia Tech, Marketing Letters, March 2013, Volume 24, Issue 1, pp 85-95.